Inside my Bag

What is inside my bag? A bundle of essentials I need to carry with me every day! My Marc by Marc Jacobs Q Hillier bag has been one of my best purchases. It is quite spacey to house all of my favorite things. My Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ 2-Tone Pouchette holds all my make-up and first aid essentials (I will reveal on an upcoming post). I also carry the latest issue of Vogue or JCrew’s catalog, icebreakers and/or gum, a notepad to house all my blogging and work light-bulb moments, business cards holder, Ray-Ban sunglasses, mini sewing kit, umbrella, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, blackberries, Louis Vuitton card holder and Tory Burch embossed continental wallet.

One thought on “Inside my Bag

  1. I bought that same style of Marc By Marc Jacobs handbag in pewter last June and I’ve used it nearly every day since. I absolutely LOVE it!

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