DIY Creative Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m sure everyone has old costumes and accessories you have collected throughout the years. Talk to your friends and exchange costumes and accessories, it’s fun and it will save you money.

Get creative and buy small accessories to compliment your costume such as cat ears and gadgets for your cat-woman costume. For a top gun or sheriff costume, add your personal accessories such as aviator sunglasses to reduce the overall cost.

This year, I was a firefighter and decided to add my own style and wear my high suede heels instead of the usual fishnet stockings and boots. TED was a great costume, I mean who doesn’t love a bear? Adding the apron and nametags made the costume even better. Get creative with yours too!

Joker and pirate costumes are all about the accessories, amazing make-up and clothes you already own. Dexter girl (use plastic wrap and you’re all set), Indian (Rachel wore a costume she has had for years and it looked super cute on) and ninja (Tara had the swords, leather and red accents) are very easy to put together.

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