True Magic Love

Have you heard of MClaraSoto? If not, you should check it out. You’ll find supercute and affordable handmade jewelry and print designs.

Let me tell you a little bit about MClaraSoto’s creations and how a young girl turned her hobby into her business. It all started while Clara was in Argentina and she found herself cutting recycled pneumatic rubber that turned into a handbag, taking little pearls and stones and sewing them together to make necklaces… you get the picture right?

The next step was where to sell, who to contact and how to promote her creations. Clara continued to design and create on the road.. this road took her to Portugal where she created her first promotional materials with the help of “Call me Maybe” and my other dear friend Claudia.

Clara is now in Paris, where she continues to work on her True Magic Love line from a quaint apartment. You can find these fabulous handmade jewelry and print designs on Etsy.

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