Splurge vs steal: Sun Protection

MariaOnPoint | Splurge vs steal: Sun Protection


Bag: Kayu St. Tropez woven seagrass tote is a great colorful straw tote to have this summer and keep all your beach day essentials, the pom poms are just an added bonus | Hat: Eugenia Kim sunny floppu sun hat is the ultimate blogger hat, the cute phrases are very cute and if you can afford them, they’ll be the IT item you won’t let go this summer | Sunglasses: Karen Walker Number One sunglasses are a little pricey but they’re amazing, I have them both in tortoise and black and they’ve become my favorite sunglasses | Bag: H&M straw bag done simple and chic, this bag is spacious and it has a cute lining and the best part is that it’s so affordable, you will love it | Hat: H&M straw hat has the right amount of floppiness to protect you from the strong sunshine this summer | Sunglasses: H&M sunglasses are a good back-up pair to have for those hectic summer days.

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