Splurge vs Steal: Summer Tote Bags

MariaOnPoint | Splurge vs Steal: Summer Tote Bags


Summer straw tote bags are your best friends during summer season. You can wear the to the beach and pack all of your stuff, wear them in the city because why not right? Also, when you’re flying somewhere they are great to pass on as your one personal item and the best thing is… that you can put your purse, laptop, extra pair of heels that does not fit in your carry-on.. seriously they’re so useful! In today’s post, I’m sharing with you my favorite straw tote bags for everyone’s budget and tastes. Vibrant stripes, nautical flare and beach reach all ensemble in this beautiful Mar y Sol Havana straw tote bag $135 and this Mar y Sol Caracas double stripe sisal tote $125, who doesn’t like pom-poms right? Asos nail large straw shopper bag $45. This perfect color-block design is a great choice to take to the beach and is under $50! Topshop pom-pom straw tote bag $39, J.Crew straw market tote bag $45 (30% off with code GOSHOPPING), Donaldworld woven straw flower silk casual beach tote $18 via Amazon, H&M large straw hat $15.


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