Splurge vs Steal: Ankle Strap Sandals

MariaOnPoint | Splurge vs Steal: Ankle Strap Sandals

Schutz margo sandals have a subtle zigzag that wraps around your ankles in a delicate way and have fun tassels to complement any outfit (now 30% off). On the steal side, I wanted to share with you the Steve Madden purcee sandals, they’re exactly the same and you can get them for half the price. Personally, I own the Schutz ones as I got the as soon as I saw them because they’re different, feminine and just fabulous.

4 thoughts on “Splurge vs Steal: Ankle Strap Sandals

    1. I’ve tried them both and the similarities are uncanny! I have the Schutz ones, both brands come in different colors and I absolutely love them, xx

    1. Thanks, I wish I saw the Steve Madden before I bought mine but I love them so it’s ok. I do have a bunch of Steve Madden ones that are the exact replica from the Schutz and every other popular sandal out there, XX

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