Sex and the City Stoop

This photo is, well do I even have to say?, at Carrie Bradshaw’s old apartment. So many unforgettable scenes took place on that stoop, I just needed to be a tourist and snap a photo. Sex and the City was bold, funny, cute, and had Patricia Field’s great fashion sense, sometimes edgy but always chic and stylish. All the best couture, fashion, style and designers were so embedded in the show that made it every girl’s must-see. I still see the re-runs every time I can or catch them On Demand when I hang out with girlfriends. On the show, the apartment was supposed to be on the Upper East Side but it is right on theWestVillage, on a quiet street, hence the perfect location to film the fabulous TV show. WJM walked me right up to the stoop as he knew I would love it.Greenwich Villageis one of my favorite spots in the city and where I spend most of my time, whenever I go up.

New York City, the city that never sleeps has fashion everywhere you look. Every time I walk around, whether in the village,Union Square,Upper West Sideor anywhere else, I can’t help to notice how chic and stylish people are. Everyone has their own style but regardless if you’re going for a preppy, grungy, stylish look, you can appreciate the uniqueness of everyone’s outfits.

As I continued my walk around the city I opted for the below outfit: Urban Outfitters high-waist khaki shorts, they’re comfy, light, have the perfect length and well they’re very  in style right now (be gentle with the sipper, it’s a bit difficult but with gentle care you’ll be fine), the Urban Outfitters 3/4 sleeve chiffon floral printed black blouse was a great choice as it was sunny yet a bit chilly outside, you can weear the sleeves a bit longer if you prefer, I wanted to have them right by the elbow to give a fresh look, and the Urban Outfitters white/brown bag is stylish yet very useful, you can use it pretty much with dresses, pants, jeans, take it to the beach, brunch, roadtrip. Ever since I got it, i can’t seem to be able to put it away. The Steve Madden gold sandals are always comfy to walk around, Mint Julep black clover earrings are some of my favorite earrings this season. Ray Ban sunglasses fit everyone and give you that stylish casual look that is perfect for a Saturday afternoon walk.

Here are some fun quotes from Carrie from Sex and the City. “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging on my closet.” “The fact is sometimes it is hard to walk on a single woman’s shoes, that is why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”