Magic Glitter Powder

I recently talked to my friend Natalia en Ecuadorwho is distributing this chic glitter powder you can use to repair shoes, style up clothes and so much more. Remember the glitter gold Christian Louboutin pumps Carrie Bradshaw wore on the first Sex & the City movie? Well, you can do it yourself now. It’s fun and cute and you can even use an old pair of pumps and glitter them away. You can get another type of glitter paint you can apply on any type of fabric. The glitter paints range from $0.99 to $2.99 so if you have an old pair of shoes you were thinking on giving away, think again, with these glitter paints you can totally transform your shoes into brand new glitter stylish footwear!

Take a look at the painted butterflies, you can make hairclips and those type of things. There are 48 shades and glitter colors, so with a $15-$20 budget, you can reinvent your shoes, I’m totally getting them next time I’m in Ecuador (Guimsa). They have all the necessary materials to make your glitter/paint project easy. They’re currently having courses where you can learn from the experts how to glitter up your shoes and other items.

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