Houndstooth Tweed Jacket

Looking for a classic tweed suit? Look no more, the navy/white Tory Burch Jayla Houndstooth tweed jacket and the JCrew pencil vintage tweed skirt make for the perfect tweed combo. I’ve been looking for a tweed jacket for a while and I finally found one I love and can afford. Plus it has that Chanel flare you know you’ve always wanted!

The great thing about this tweed Tory Burch jacket is that you can use it as a suit for the office to get a professional look, meet your boyfriend’s grandmother or wear it with a navy blue tank top and white jeans or white tank top and blue jeans for a casual yet sophisticated look.

I’ve also used the Tory Burch tweed jacket with a cocktail dress and it looks supercute on.

Photos by Will Mavronicolas