Holiday Gift Guide for your Home Office

MariaOnPoint | Holiday Gift Guide for your Home Office

I just went to Target and found all these fabulous items for your desk at incredible prices so I had to share. Whether I’m working from home for my daily job or working on my blog, I enjoy having a tidy and pretty work/office area. I have carefully picked every item on my desk by researching and not getting the first pair of gold scissors I saw for $30, that’s just ridiculous. Take a look at this holiday gift guide from Target goodies you can get online or at your local Target. I already got a few for myself plus some mason jars. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My picks: Sugar Paper 2015 daily planner (I really liked the big 2015 planner but for me it was just too big but check them out plus wall calendars here), Nate Berkus stapler (do you know Nate Burkus stuff? He has really cool things to decorate your bedroom, office, living room, really cute accent pieces, see for yourself here), Nate Berkus gold shears, Nate Berkus gold facet base (you see what I mean?), threshold rustic wire magazine holder and Threshold rustic wire letter sorter, Nate Berkus metal feather box, Threshold magnifying lens, Nate Berkus mega clips.

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