Splurge vs Steal: Best Fall Hats

MariaOnPoin | Splurge vs Steal: Best Fall Hats


Wool Hat: Club Monaco Vancy wide brim hat | Felt Hat: Madewell & Biltmore floppy felt fedora | Felt Hat: J.Crew floppy felt hat (30% off wit code LAYERUP, comes in pink, charcoal and navy) | Felt Dramatic Hat: J.Crew classic felt hat with leather band | Wool Statement Hat: Brixton piper hat | Wool Midnight Hat: Aldo onarenna hat | Cut Out Hat: Asos cut out star felt floppy | Lady Day Hat: Asos whistles felt floppy hat.

Your fall hat must be structured, chic, classic and polished. I just went searching for the best fall hats this past weekend with my friend Raina and these are my favorite ones. You may have to spend a little more than what you were expecting but quality speaks better than words and when it comes to fall hats, you have to make sure they fit, keep you warm are firm. I only started wearing hats a few years ago. I didn’t use to wear them because my head is small and it’s hard to find the ones that fit just right but now I’m a pro, I know exactly were to go and what am I looking for. I totally understand that they are not for everyone but if you think you and hats don’t go along, I invite you to just try a couple of these options just to be sure. I’m obsessed with felt, wool hats for fall, they just make me warmer, they look really cute on and they can hide not so great hair days very well! These hats add a touch of drama to fall season and look great with sweaters and coats. Felt, wool hats are fall’s easiest and best accessories to have.

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